Small Talk 1 - improving your communications skills


Small Talk and Business English

Hello again from Burleigh Waters in QLD Australia

Your German Coach Peter H Bloecker

If you are a master of small talk, you can skip this podcast - just keep going and improve your communication skills by asking for feedback.

  • Why did the communication come to an end?
  • Were you talking 90% of the conversation or around 50%?
  • When did your communication partner - man or woman - look around in the room or started staring at his/her phone screen or his/her watch?

Anyway - we all know that communication skills can be learnt and improved and that sometimes we do not know how to start a conversation or how to continue ...

My advice: Check this website here out taken from a Business English Google search and find other sites of your interest.

Another way if you prefer videos: Search Youtube and key in Small Talk or improving your communication skills / Business English or similar search terms.

Good luck & viel Erfolg bei der Suche


from Burleigh QLD


Your Coach of BGP