Small Talk lernen 2 - auf Deutsch


Small Talk 2 in German

Die Karrierebibel

Start with this LINK in German and scroll down to the video first:

Reden ist Silber und Schweigen ist Gold

Listen to this a few times and come back to this website.

Scroll up now and listen to my audio again.

Scroll down slowly while you listen.

Small Talk lernen

This is my second Link for today: A very good website with a lot of information about Small Talk in German to start with. Afterwards I would like you to bookmark this site and come back according to needs. You will find infos about Rhetorik, Persoenlichkeit and more to check out like Body Language and more ...

Viel Erfolg beim Deutschlernen und viel Freude

yours from Burleigh in QLD Australia

Peter H Bloecker


Small Talk 1 - improving your communications skills


Small Talk and Business English

Hello again from Burleigh Waters in QLD Australia

Your German Coach Peter H Bloecker

If you are a master of small talk, you can skip this podcast - just keep going and improve your communication skills by asking for feedback.

  • Why did the communication come to an end?
  • Were you talking 90% of the conversation or around 50%?
  • When did your communication partner - man or woman - look around in the room or started staring at his/her phone screen or his/her watch?

Anyway - we all know that communication skills can be learnt and improved and that sometimes we do not know how to start a conversation or how to continue ...

My advice: Check this website here out taken from a Business English Google search and find other sites of your interest.

Another way if you prefer videos: Search Youtube and key in Small Talk or improving your communication skills / Business English or similar search terms.

Good luck & viel Erfolg bei der Suche


from Burleigh QLD


Your Coach of BGP

Listening comprehension of German


Various episodes and various texts - more than 400 - with different levels from A1 to C1 with exercises and a PDF to read while you can listen. Very well done by 2 ladies who are experienced teachers of German. Donations are possible, but generally free use of all this, a letter of thanx would be recommended.

Your Coach of German

Peter H Bloecker


Using Google Translator


This short episode is about using Google Translator in the background when working on texts or learning a foreign language - here DEUTSCH.

I will demonstrate by examples how you might use this useful tool when working on your German.

Beispiele / examples:

  • What is the meaning of "schwafeln"?
  • Do you know "waschecht"? 

Just check this out via the Google website or use the App on your phone or ipad:

Try examples like "besessen" which means "obsessed ..."

Viel Erfolg und viel Freude beim Lernen

mit besten Gruessen


Peter H Bloecker

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Glossary Goethe-Institut Website


The trick here is to find the multiple languages - by clicking at the top right ...

Learning the German words is easy by looking at the English version and the explanations on this website - you can even copy and paste all you need into a WORD.doc or pages document and use this offline ...

I am only reading examples here - pls bookmark this glossary and use it according to your needs!

From Australia in Queensland



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Goethe - Institut Glossary - multilanguage - EN version - DE version - PT version